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Boutin, housing and law SRU

par Alain Queffelec

Definitely, our minister Representing the Vatican DID everything to please the better-off Municipalities. The SRU law, qui obliged Municipalities with more than 3,500 residents-have 20% social housing, at least Has the advantage of Being dynamic and forces all players to find something to Accommodate everyone. Many Municipalities-have moaned, of course, not least. Guipavas capped at 7%, legacy of a right-handed conduite qui gave, in fact, the floor to Those Who Were Rich and owners.
I have on this subject, received a letter from the Prefect inelegant wondering accounts on the status of the city That I administer, as if one Could rise from 7% to 20% in three months in office. That is, for simplicity, making fun of the world. The prefect of Hauts de Seine he Sends you this kind of letter to the mayor of Neuilly?
What will it work with Ms. Boutin? Just to make it easier for supporters of the property by Including in the calculation of social housing dwellings in homeownership. The effect will be Disastrous. Who can AFFORD for a property, if the middle classes living on two incomes. We will again exclude single parent families, employees and small Many withdrawn Who-have a meager pension. The damage will be to the appointment of this strong rejection of political well Described by a listener of the "phone is ringing" on France Inter That Was Concerned about the "social mix" Because It Caused The Therefore jealousy and tension. He's right, I recommended to follow the example of Warsaw in the 40 ...