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Institutional Reform: Should we condemn Jack Lang?

par Alain Queffelec

If Jack Lang Had to UNDERGO the shame by the Socialists, Then It Would highlight "the Abbey of Monte-a-Regret" for all Those Who-have scrapped hard to prevent prevention the yes to the constitutional treaty of Europe wins. Two Reasons:
First, the only voice of gap HAS validated That it is His institutional reform? It Would not counting the radical left Who are 9 to choosing the voice of Nicolas Sarkozy. Certainly He Did not respect the majorité vote of the Socialist Group and he participated in the committee aussi That Prepared this exchange. It was proof is made, quite useless to Believe That Such a President can now listen to-even and Withstand Any opposition Agreed With His boot. And Among Some upset of the UMP, the center without notice and --other small Betrayals friendly, frankly, this is not the only voice of Jack Who Weighed in this business to make a small difference.
Then, Because That this Seems by far less serious than the history of the constitutional Treaty. You Could Be for or against, goal It was a background about our future. It was not true (or not) to a choice of a new Europe que la Socialists HAD Decided to build a majority.Yet Some-have betrayed, forgotten the collective decisions and accrued miserably in the wheels of a hackneyed nationalism. I would-have-been a treat to see them "get décolleter the Gargano". Purpose nobody dare to seek "the widow". Pity. Rest to the left to find a majorité That Could give Meaning to debate democratic institutions. Y's work ...
" The current law is the law of the people: it must at least temporarily Recognize His own work In the DECREES That will come from the National Convention, no fear can not remove Their obedience to the law The Executive.. must be coated with great force. Ministers May not be suspects. Their case is common with That of Their fellow citizens " . These words uttered Minister Jean-Marie Roland of Platière before the National Convention on September 22, 1792, curiously echoing tonight.

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