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PS, a clear majority on a clear ideas ...

par Alain Queffelec

I did not sign any contribution and am rather in the position of watchman. I study, I expect. By cons I have to note the clear and precise way Pierre Moscovici intends to conduct discussions for the creation of a solid majority and with clear ideas. He clearly refuted the proposal of Martine Aubry to lead the discussion with Laurent Fabius. Claude Bartolone supports this approach he considers gathering.
On this point, I am clear. You can not build anything serious for the future of PS with those who participated actively sabotage the European project and have especially betrayed the word of the party members. I am among those who have not opted for Ségolène Royal as a candidate, but endorsed the choice I fought the save. The majority choice is needed at all. The European case is a thorn in the side of the PS and other European socialist parties are watching us through since we can understand them. The ideas are driven and carried by men and women that we are, like it or not, in boxes in functions of their ideas and especially for their actions. It's clear, I do not see myself today in a group or would Fabius and friends.
I also like Bertrand Delanoe expressed a little more clear vision of the future of Europe. This is a fundamental issue for our party.