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Beijing Olympics ... Tribune possible ??

par Alain Queffelec

Tommie Smith and John Carlos came first and third in the 200 meters Olympic 1 968. Protesting racial segregation in the US contre, They raise Their black-gloved fist During the medal ceremony. They will pay dearly for this gesture will be suspended and Expelled from the Games by the Olympic Committee.
A courageous act, individual and yet supported by a major anti-racist movement in the United States-even though it is still a minority at the time. Acts like this There Was in this world. They gave by Following The tracks of hope. Martin Luther King Assassinated; Nelson Mandela, 25 years in jail; Gandhi Assassinated ... And How Many other, less famous Who have left Date Their stone path Freedoms and human rights.
The place is in sport. Yet Beijing Could It Be the theater of a strong expression, symbolic and global impact?