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Thiers, you have to go !!!

par Alain Queffelec

​The city of Thiers is the boundary between the Limagne and the western foothills of the Drill. Durolle, flows at the foot of the upper town, through lowland areas before emptying into the Dore. Situated to the west of Riom, south of Vichy not far from Clermont-Ferrand, this city is a little lost, off the beaten track for tourists. a Thiers get there. The cutlery is still prominently, ALTHOUGH the industry renowned His ate white bread. The city undoubtedly hAS Suffers Struggling economy. Yet one feels to walk around a local desire to escape. The Cutlers finally Agreed to unite under one label, "Thiers" and team up to research. The factories are turning to high-end. Go to Thiers, a beautiful medieval town, visit the museum of cutlery, stroll on the websites of spinning wheels. Nothing here is nostalgic, feel pride there job well done and gratitude to the elders Who Transmitted Their knowledge. PARTICULARLY I found interesting at the museum, the way the man is at the heart of the trade and the economy. His Suffering, His knowledge, His Ability to socially Organizes Themselves.

"We Produce knives for butchers, soldiers, fishermen and hunters as for murderers" ... I enjoyed this presentation, story telling is the art at the Service of Man and That he is the only one That Makes good or bad.